Doll Artisan Guild School of Dollmaking

Have fun making dolls with the experts using the latest in techniques and products. You will find our seminars world-wide at approved locations. Each hosting studio is committed to holding quality seminars with only the best instructors with intimate groups of 6-12 students.

Choose from one to four day seminars; basic and advanced seminars; and much more! Our school will bring you to new heights in dollmaking. Seminars are your chance to complete one, two or three porcelain dolls in a just few days! Get to know people with the same interests as yours.

Earn Certificates and Titles

When you take DAG seminars, you can earn certificates, medallions and Titles.
    Begin with Beautiful Doll seminars, Apprentice seminars or Porcelain Concepts seminars. 
These Level I seminars are designed to teach you basic skills and techniques.
When you have completed your Level I seminars you will have the skills necessary to advance
to specialty seminars and earn points toward higher titles.

Steps towards earning titles: Lifetime of Enjoyment  Click here!
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D.A.G LEVEL I Information

D.A.G. Triple Crown of Dollmaking™ (TCDM) LEVEL IV

 D.A.G. Award of Excellence™ (DAGAE) LEVEL V

Click here for Affidavit Information to enter dolls in competition for a title.