#1... READ the Invitation for the competition you are interested in. READ the General Rules and Information. If you follow the Rules, it will make the judging easier and you will avoid losing points unnecessarily.

  • Dolls that are not incised in the greenware with the maker's name or signature and year will be disqualified. Heads that are not painted with china paint will also be disqualified..

Reproduction categories: includes all reproductions of antique (made before 1930)
The judges look for authenticity. If there is a Dollmaker's Worksheet for a particular doll, this will be used in judging however you must submit (with your doll) the photo you painted from. (This is required.)

Open categories: Imagination dolls, theme dolls, decorative pieces, Fantasy, Half Dolls.  The judges look for creativity and execution of idea.

Modern Dolls:  In the DDP category: The judging will focus on the technique known as Dimensional Doll Painting, a way of creating dimension with china paint.  Read Dollmaker's Worksheet, General Instructions, M2, Guidelines for Dimensional Dollmaking (DDP). Painting that is crisp. Lashes that are natural in appearance. They can be unevenly painted, but the color should be even. Lashes do not have to be evenly spaced, they may be clustered as long as it looks natural. Brows that are life-like; not like on reproductions of antique dolls. Painted eyes that have the appearance of set-in eyes.Painted upper and lower lashes. Glue-on lashes are not allowed in the DDP category.

Original and sculpting categories: The judges look for artistic creation. Doll should be captured in normal human form. See the original doll categories available for your competition.


General Appearance: proportions (body to head, dress to body, etc.) and all over color scheme. Wig: style, fit and neatness (of course doll can have painted hair too)

Workmanship: Cleaning of bisque: smoothness, mold marks, ears, nostrils. Body: composition body finish and stringing, if too loose, wobbly head. Cloth and leather body: body neatly sewn, no frayed or rippled edges, stuffed too little/too much, attachment of limbs, etc.

China painting: Eyebrows, lashes, cheeks, hair blend, general coloring of lips. Are the features on reproductions of antiques painted close to the original in shape and color?

Costuming: authenticity in style, fit, fabric choice, neatness in sewing (includes underwear, shoes, socks, hats, etc.)

All-bisque dolls: Emphasis on the workmanship of the doll (smoothness of bisque, possible warpage of body parts, lining of joints, etc.)