Porcelain Concepts seminars introduce beginning and intermediate dollmakers and china painters to a variety of techniques, enabling them to discover which avenues of the porcelain arts are most appealing and providing them with the foundation of skills needed to advance to specialty seminars of their choosing. Each of these 3-day Level I seminars will have a different party theme and will include a mix of three types of projects: modern, classic and decorative arts.

Students will learn the basics of casting, cleaning, eye cutting, firing, painting, glazing, decorating and assembly, while at the same time having fun and making new friends. Each participant will earn a certificate for each seminar, and at the end of the series will become a Certified Porcelain Artist. Upon completion of the three Porcelain Concepts seminars the student will be allowed to choose whether she wants to take either the modern or classic section of the DAPE/MDAPE, or both. After that, the student will continue to climb up the ladder of the D.A.G. School of Dollmaking toward the Master of Dollmaking and higher titles. The student has the choice of proceeding with either the classic or modern curriculum.

Porcelain Concepts 1
The first seminar of the series, premiered in 2005 in selected studios across the U.S. and Canada. In Porcelain Concepts 1 students will finish a modern baby; classic, all-bisque Betty; and Winter Bonnet, which will be painted using a variety of decorative arts techniques. Students will receive free worksheets and a notebook with detailed instructions for painting and assembling each project. There are also other surprises and party favors!
 Porcelain Concepts 2
The exciting theme of Porcelain Concepts 2 is "Masquerade Party." In this fun seminar you will finish: an adorable modern child doll, on a composition body; a painted head for the classic German doll Miranda (S35H); and the Pierrette Trinket Tray (SC281ST), a glazed and china painted container designed to represent a reclining female clown figure. You will receive a free notebook filled with lots of dollmaking techniques and information and a free worksheet for each project. There will also be other surprises and party favors!
Porcelain Concepts 3
In Porcelain Concepts 3 the theme is “Garden Party.” You will finish Susette (M1055), a 10.5” modern doll on a composition body; the Heubach Dancing Girl (SC449ST) figurine; and a painted head for the classic French doll Emilie Steiner (S304). You will also receive a free notebook filled with lots of dollmaking techniques and information and a free worksheet for each project. There will also be lots of other surprises, party favors and refreshments.

After completing Porcelain Concepts 1, 2 and 3 you will receive the title Certified Porcelain Artist and will have acquired the skills to prepare you for the D.A.G.Proficiency Exam (DAGPE).