Modern Program: Reproduction of Modern Dolls

The Modern Program is a course of study designed for dollmakers who wish to progress through the DAGSD learning the fundamentals and techniques for making modern dolls.

Beautiful Doll 1: 3 days
This is an introduction to porcelain dollmaking. You will learn the fundamentals of casting, Dust-free Cleaning™ of soft-fired porcelain, firing a kiln, eye cutting, the Water-base Technique™ of china painting, and assembly of a doll. You will complete one all-bisque doll, Amber (M5002) or Little Susi (M0145) and complete one painted head. The hosting studio will provide wig, eyes, and all other materials to complete the doll.

Beautiful Doll 2: 3 days
From the basics you learned in Beautiful Doll 1 you will advance into assembling a doll with armatures and receive an introduction to Dimensional Doll Painting™ with china paint shading of eyes and other facial features, arms, legs, and torso. You will learn how to apply a wash to white porcelain and to paint modern lashes and feathered brows. You will complete one doll on a cloth and porcelain body and one head with painted eyes (includes wig). The hosting studio will provide the wigs for both dolls and the eyes, body, and other materials for the completed doll.

Beautiful Doll 3: 3 days
This is the most advanced of the Beautiful Doll seminars. You will be introduced to Portrait Painting™ by learning how to paint more realistic and more difficult lashes and brows, and how to give more dimension and shape to lips and eyes. You will also learn how to bevel and size greenware for paperweight eyes. You will complete one doll on a composition body and with an overall wash and painted eyes. Another doll will be assembled on an all-bisque body and will be cast in one of the darker colors of porcelain slip (will not include wig or eyes).

After completing Beautiful Doll 1, 2 and 3 you will receive the title Certified Modern Doll Artist and will have acquired the skills to prepare you for the D.A.G. Proficiency Exam (DAGPE).