The DAG School of Dollmaking offers a path for earning titles. Below is a short guided tour.

Level 0: 
Become a member of the Doll Artisan Guild AND receive DOLLS Beautiful magazine.

Level I:
Certified Porcelain Doll Specialist
9 days; Each seminar is 3 days
Take Apprentice I, II and III (3 seminars) or Beautiful Doll 1, 2 and 3 (3 seminars) or Porcelain Concepts 1, 2 and 3 (3 seminars).

Take a 1-day review and 1/2 day exam called the
DAG Proficiency Exam

Level II:
 D.A.G. Master of Dollmaking (MDM) 
15 points/15 days of Specialty Seminars
Red ribbon on doll in DAG Competition
(Authentic reproduction or Modern doll painted with Dimensional Doll Painting, DDP technique)
If blue ribbon: graduate "with Honors"

 Level III:
 D.A.G. Grand Master of Dollmaking (GMDM)
5 points/15 days of Specialty Seminars
Blue ribbon on doll in DAG competition (Authentic reproduction for GMDM or DDP for GMDM)
Dollmakers over 70 years of age, request special rules.
You may earn two GMDM titles: Antique and Modern

Level IV:
 D.A.G. Triple Crown of Dollmaking (TCDM)
21 points/21 days of Specialty Seminars
High blue ribbon on doll in DAG competition (Authentic reproduction or DDP)
2 Level III titles

Level V:
D.A.G. Award of Excellence (DAGAE)
36 points/36 days of Specialty Seminars
Attend two DAG organized events in US after Jan. 1, 2011; (DAG Supported events outside the US do qualify)
Sign up 5 new DAG members
Blue ribbons on doll in DAG competition in 4 specific categories 
TCDM title
                                                                                                                           DDP = Dimensional Doll Painting