• Enrollment fee with completed form.

  • All of the following D.A.G. Top Awards:

Millie                                       Magge

Sheryl Williams Award         Kitty Murks Aurora Award

Crystal Award

  • And one of the following D.A.G. Top Awards:

Pinnacle Award                        Louise Hedrick Costuming Award

ARTI Award                               Eva’s Choice Award

D.A.G. Sculpting Award           Excellence in China Painting Award

People’s Choice Award



Use of the title D.A.G. Gallery of Stars Award Winner
Certificate and bracelet to be awarded at upcoming D.A.G. event 
Illustrated write up in Dolls Beautiful magazine
Permanent recognition with photo on D.A.G.’s website .


  • You may enroll at any point as long as D.A.G. receives the enrollment form at least four (4) months before the date you expect to receive the award.

  • You will receive written confirmation of enrollment in approximately 4-6 weeks.

  •  Your membership in the D.A.G. must be kept current at all times. If your membership lapses, you must renew your enrollment in the GSA program in order to received the award.

D.A.G Gallery of Stars Award

You asked for something new from DAG and we are proud to introduce the new D.A.G. Gallery of Stars Award.  This award is for everyone, whether you have a DAGSD title or not. It is not meant to be easy but to showcase those who have reached this incredible achievement in their dollmaking career and inspire all of us. The D.A.G. Gallery of Stars Award is based on the awards you have won in DAG Competition and will certainly set the bar a little higher.  Join the fun and let’s see who will be the first to be inducted into the DAG Gallery of Stars!