DAG Competitions and Qualified Competitions (at DAG Supported Events) will be judged by teams of DAG experienced judges. The rules of each competition may be different. Please check the rules for your event.

The rules in a competition are for the judges to call the work as they see it. The judges' decision is final. Entries that are registered in the wrong category will be judged but excluded from top awards. For more information, see your competition invitation. 

Top Awards offered at each event will be different. If you are going for a particular Top Award, be sure it is available at the event you wish to attend.

Millie - Chosen from all the Best of Category (Professional and Non-Professional) in Authentic Antique Reproductions. 

Magge - Chosen from all the Best of Category (Professional and Non-Professional) in Modern dolls, including the Dimensional Doll Painting category. 

DOLLS Beautiful Award - Same award as the Magge. To be used for small competitions. 

Eva's Choice - Chosen from the Best of Category OPEN entries.

Kitty Murks Aurora Award - Given to the best small doll - Dollhouse and All Bisque

Sheryl Williams Award - Given to the best Fashion, Lady, China/Parians doll 

Crystal Award - Chosen from the best out of the Crystal Modern and Antique categories. This category is for previous top award winners. All entries receive a rosette.

Louise Hedrick Award - Given to the best costume entry in the costuming-only categories. 

Femmy Toele Costuming Award - Given to the best costume in all the regular categories, both antique and modern. (European competitions)

Pinnacle Award -  Best overall doll entry made exclusively by the contestant (USA competition) 

The Arti - Best entry in the theme category (USA competition) 

People's Choice Awards - The entry with the most votes. Antique and Modern

Gold Rosette Awards - As many DAG Top awards may be won only once, a Gold Rosette is given instead. 

Note: There are a variety of other awards offered by Doll Artisan Guild, depending on the event. Sculpting, Accessories and more. 

REMEMBER to check the Invitation and General Rules for the specific rules at the event you are attending.  Doll Artisan Guild Events and Doll Artisan Guild Supported Events with Qualified Competitions may have different rules. It is important to read the rules. The Judges decisions are final. Any questions should be directed to the Director of Competitions Worldwide:  karlyngrz@dollartisanguild.org  or the official DAG Representative at your event who may turn the inquiry over to the home office.  Wishing you the best of luck with your entries!!